About us

Getin Noble Bank is the second biggest bank controlled by Polish capital. We target our services at individual clients, small and medium-sized enterprises, local governments and corporations. Retail banking services are represented by the Getin Bank brand that caters for individual clients who expect reliable financial products and simplified procedures. Whereas the Noble Bank brand covers private banking services – besides dedicated financial products Noble Bank offers real estate and investment consulting, legal and tax support and art banking.

The bank prides itself on providing services to over 2.2 million clients in over 550 own branches and franchise units, as well as through an extensive network of agencies.

History of the company

History of Getin Noble Bank stretches back to 2004 when Górnośląski Bank Gospodarczy, a company controlled by Getin Holding, was transformed into Getin Bank. In December the same year, Getin Bank took over Bank Przemysłowy in Łódź.

One year later Getin Holding completed a purchase transaction acquiring Wschodni Bank Cukrownictwa. In March 2006, branches of Wschodni Bank Cukrownictwa were incorporated into Getin Bank’s sale network, and its banking license and equity became the foundation for Noble Bank, the first financial institution in Poland entirely dedicated to provide private banking services.

In 2009, a strategic decision was made to merge the two banks that belonged to the capital group controlled by Leszek Czarnecki. In line with the group's philosophy, the merger aimed at reduction of the banks' funding costs and better use of available resources. Undoubtedly, the decision taken at that time to keep the two highly recognizable brands and structures of Getin Bank and Noble Bank separate should be considered as crucial. Hence, as it was before the merger, Getin Bank represents retail banking, whereas the Noble Bank brand services and products are targeted at the most affluent clients.

Established in January 2010 Getin Noble Bank immediately jointed the ten biggest banks in Poland. On 1 June 2012 the process of legal merger of Get Bank S.A. and Getin Noble Bank S.A. was completed.

Today Getin Noble Bank is the second biggest bank controlled by Polish capital.